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We support renewable energy investors in managing energy revenues and risks in market-based systems

Gain actionable insights that empower you to make better decisions and drive the profitability of your wind park


Analyze performance

Continuously benchmark your revenue, OPEX and operational performance against wind parks around the globe


Identify opportunities

Exchange knowledge with peers and experts to gain actionable insights on market opportunities and improvement potential


Execute improvements

Connect with great service providers on the market place and keep track of progress with the platform workflow tools

Know where you stand, and how you can improve

As you continue to explore areas of opportunity for your wind farm, you need to answer critical questions: Where else could I improve performance? How do the operational costs of my wind farm compare to others? How could I optimize my energy revenues? How do I become better prepared for negotiations?

The Pexapark platform will help define and capture your opportunity landscape. The platform infrastructure supports you to stay on top of your commercial actions, and allows you to collaborate with peers to benefit from the scale of the peer network.

Independent peer-based toolbox

Pexapark Platform - Wind Energy Solutions - pexapark-platform

Energy sales analytics

Tools like the Revenue Monitor keep track of your power sales, your exposure to energy market risks, and the commercial performance of your wind assets. Anonymous and continuous benchmarks give you an indication about where you stand regarding your peers.

Energy Risk Management Practice

Success in renewable energy investment and operations in the post-tariff era will increasingly depend on applying a systematic energy risk management approach. Pexapark’s PPA Practice was founded to assist renewable energy producers and investors in their transition to the post-tariff era.

Pexapark Risk Advisory
Pexapark Roundtables - wind energy meetings

Learn from the community

It takes a lot of know-how to properly operate a windfarm. To help you in that task, Pexapark organizes thematic roundtables for the wind energy industry on a regular basis. The aim is to create a community of investors, owners and commercial managers of wind parks who are united in their interest in continuously improving their business.

Investing a few hours at the Pexapark PPA Roundtable has saved me days of work! I have gained deep insights in one day,  that otherwise would have cost me a lot of efforts in meetings and travelling scattered over weeks. We will continue to rely on Pexapark to make sure we do not enter unnecessary commercial and regulatory risks and to guarantee the best possible offtake contract for our assets.

Lukas Weissensteiner, RP Global

Business Development & Power Markets

We operate wind farms in Poland and need to sell our electricity on the open market. Pexapark helped us to navigate through a variety of available PPA options, and their PPA analysis was conclusive and helped us greatly in the process. Our decision to become part of the platform proves a lot of value for us!

Bartlomiej Ziebinski, Enern Private Equity


I enjoyed Pexapark Roundtable in Warsaw focused on turbine service agreements renegotiations. I like the idea of bringing wind farm operators together at one table to discuss their experiences. Such meetings should be organised on regular manner to allow everyone to share, learn and be more efficient everyday

Robert Macias

Robert Macias, Innogy Renewables Polska

Head of Operation and Execution
It was the first time I joined Pexapark Roundtable. I was really interested in renegotiations of O&M agreements, as I am in such process now. I got some valuable insights during the event. The best for me was the possibility to exchange information and experience with other operators. I am looking forward to next Roundtables.

Paweł Rytlewski, ENEA Wytwarzanie

Head of Wind Section
In my opinion, Pexapark Roundtables are the best platform for wind farm operators to exchange not only know-how on miscellaneous topics, but also get very useful hints for solving various operational issues. I hope to have many more useful meetings organized by Pexapark.
Magdalena Sobczynska - Pexapark Roundtable

Magdalena Sobczyńska, Novenergia

Country Manager and Member of the Board

From boutique investment companies to global players

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Why smart renewable companies join our platform

Peer-based intelligence

Enjoy value from the scale of the peer network, which improves insights with every peer that joins. Connect with other peers, share findings, and build knowledge.

Saving time

Effortlessly stay on top of commercial activities. The platform integrates with your existing systems – it is simple to join, and remains simple to use. 

All in one place

See all commercially relevant information in one place. Pexapark provides you with the big picture, and there is no need to switch between systems.

High-quality expertise

Advanced analytic tools and access to deep expert knowledge ensure a high level of confidence for commercial managers, investors, and owners.

Powerful tools

Pexapark helps anyone in forming an intelligence-backed opinion about asset performance, identifying improvement potential and prioritising actionable items.

Independent and secure

Created by independent wind energy professionals and enthusiasts. Through security and the platform’s aggregation model, it is not possible to identify peer wind parks.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to join…

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…and start getting immediate benefits

Obtain immediate insights from benchmarks and dashboards to analyze the performance of your wind farm
Get invited to our roundtables to exchange with peers and learn from their experience
Ask for expert advice and benefit from our deep insights on energy risk analytics
Connect with great service providers on the marketplace and keep track of your progress with the workflow tools

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